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Class Styles 

Class Styles

Vinyasa Flow 

A breath-synchronized movement

This energetic class combines flowing style and movements. Keeping your breathing married to your movements with a series of powerful and creative postures.


Each class enhances the awareness of breath while increasing physical strength, and flexibility. A moving meditation that cultivates wholeness, fluidity, and balance. As we move and notice how we are moving and what moves us. 


Vinyasa Flow is most suited to practitioners with some yoga experience. Modified postures offered.

Mellow Flow 

Simple. Supportive. Heartful.

This class will allow you to dive deeper into your pose as we move at a slower pace. A rounded and supportive alignments class encourages an awareness of the link between the body and the mind. This moving pace is curated for all practitioners to explore their strength and flexibility as well as introducing you to all other benefits of yoga. 



Beginners to all levels.


Passive. Relax. Nurturing.

Yin yoga is a balance to Yang. It's a dynamic practice designed to target deep connective fascia tissue, ligaments, joints, and bones. This restorative and meditative class allows you to turn inward and tune into your mind and body sensation.


Floor based practice is held from 1-5 minutes. Each class enables you time and space to surrender and soften. This class is highly recommended for active people as well as anyone who wishes to release tightness in the body. Leave the class feeling centred and grounded.


Perfect for everyone.

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