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Vasucha teaches from a place of love and passion. She believes in the Universal healing and transformative power of yoga, meditation, and Ayureveda. Vasucha's classes will ease your body and mind through her creative flow. Calming the mind with Pranayama practice and the sound healing.  

She supports students along their respective journeys by empowering them to follow their hearts and stay true to their path.


IG - @vasuchayoga


Kat is a qualified 200hrs Hatha & Vinyasa yoga teacher originally from the UK and has been practising yoga for over 6 years.
She is also a qualified Personal Trainer, Mobility Specialist and Animal Flow instructor. Her style of teaching is based around building strength and increasing mobility.
Her passion lies in encouraging students to work within the limitations of their own body and not to compare their journey with that of other students. She has found this an important learning in her own yoga journey, staying focused on her own practice and growth and being accepting of what stage it is at.
Kat loves to use different breathing techniques and meditations to enhance the class experience and calm the mind.Outside of yoga Kat likes to attend Crossfit classes and create watercolour paintings.
IG - @kat_amey
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